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PunterPolls is a Cricket Match Prediction website where Punters 'who bet on Cricket Matches' predict their team by participating in match Polls.

Apart from polling, our experts post their match predictions as well as we do list the match predictions from other popular Cricket match prediction websites.

So, if you are the one who is looking for which team most punters are supporting in a particular cricket match, you are in right place.

Here are few tips which may help you to improve your prediction skills.

  1. Deep analysis about both teams strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Key players and their current forms, playing XI and most importantly, key Batters / Bowlers performance in the past.
  3. Weather conditions and how the pitch has played in the last 5-6 games.
  4. In tournaments i.e. Indian Premier League, World Cup, CPL etc. It is important to keep an eye on Teams standing at the point table. The team that has already qualified may like to experiment as compared to the team within in a must-win situation.
  5. Probability also plays an important role. The team with the winning ratio of 8 out of 10, chances are may not able to win 6 matches in a row.


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PunterPolls Betting Tips

The easiest way to profit from sports betting is to find value in the odds.

PunterPolls Betting Tips

The easiest way to profit from sports betting is to find value in the odds. In reality, it's the only way to make money consistently and regularly. Your chances of long-term success are almost zero if you don't bet for value. That's what there is to it.

The majority of sports bettors are unaware of this. Rather than betting for value, they choose to gamble on the most likely result.

Many people have no understanding that winning betting isn't about picking as many winners as possible. Instead, it's about identifying where the odds are in your favour so that you can put your money down with conviction. It would be best if you considered the idea of value to be successful.

In the section, we go over exactly what value is. We also show you how to spot value in the sports betting markets and advise on how to do so. You will INSTANTLY boost your odds of making money from sports betting by carefully researching what we have to say here and actually applying what you learn.

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Identify Value in Sports Betting Markets

Examine the probabilities , Compare the relevant odds to those probabilities.

In a sports betting market, determining value is a two-step procedure. We begin by calculating the probabilities of different scenarios. Then we compare the implied probabilities of the relevant odds to those probabilities.

The second move is straightforward, but the first is not.

Sports are extremely unpredictable, and assigning precise probabilities to the various possible outcomes is difficult. Simply put, there are so many variables.

All we can do is try to make the most accurate decisions possible and trust our instincts. There isn't really a right or wrong way to approach this because it's more of an art than a science. It all comes down to how we view all of the information available to us.

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PunterPolls Betting Strategies

PunterPolls Betting Strategies

Bigger tournaments like IPL need a strategy to win. First Tip: Never Bet on each and every match.

Big tournaments like IPL required a different betting approach than betting in a series or a triangle series. One of the biggest reason is, matches are happening every day, and if you got few bad days, you might lose your confidence and ability to make the right decisions.

A team who have won quite convincingly a few days back lost against the minnows. Change in Venues, Change in timings, Player recent performance, team current standings and lot more factor which have easily been ignored by Punters eventually leads them losses.

Our first IPL/Big tournaments betting tip to all the punters is, not to bet on all matches. Pick your 3-4 teams out of 8. Set your preferences to bet and then go for it.

In short, you need to make a strategy that will work for you.

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