ICC Champions Trophy 2013 – 9th Match, Group B: South Africa v West Indies, 14 June

Rain threat looms over crucial tie | PunterPolls Prediction

A glance at Cardiff's pregnant skies is enough to set the tone for the knockout clash between South Africa and West Indies and it is not a positive one. What should be a fascinating clash between a team that dominates outside of major tournaments and a team trying to recreate their glory days may not even happen. If it does, it is likely to be interrupted by rain.

Should the wet weather have the final say, South Africa will progress by virtue of a better net run-rate but they will not want to go into the real knockouts in such fortunate circumstances. Neither will West Indies want to exit the tournament in a drizzle of disappointment, although they have two poor batting performances to blame for their current standing in the group.

While South Africa showed improvement, particularly in the bowling department, in their second game, West Indies remained static. As a result, they have not managed a total of even 240 so far and against South Africa, it would be safe to assume, they may need many more to win.

But this is not a normal occasion for South Africa; this is a pressure game and that alone could scramble their minds. Even if Dale Steyn is fit and firing, their main battle will be with themselves as they try to rewrite their reputations as big-game bloopers.

West Indies will fancy themselves more than usual, especially because they have been the team that have put South Africa out of tournaments the most. On three occasions, they have been responsible for South Africa taking the next flight home and their cavalier confidence has often given them the edge over a team paranoid of failure.

PunterPolls Prediction

Lets keep tings short, West Indies is very good site and in T20 format they are likely to beat any team in  the world. But longer version is not their cup of tea. South Africans team with the win in  the last match and Dale Steyn inclusion are more balanced. So, we are with South Africa in this contest.

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 - 9th Match, Group B: South Africa v West Indies, 14 June

  • West Indies (33% Votes)
  • South Africa (67% Votes)

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  1. Match is shortened now. 36 overs a side.

    WI won the toss and wisely selected to field first. Its always better to chase when D/L is into play.

    WI does have better chances now.

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