Match 10, Banglore Vs Kolkata, 10 April


Result: Kolkata won

Favourite Team: Banglore with 76p

PunterPolls: Kolkata Knight Riders seal their first in the IPL season 2012 by beating Royal Challenger Banglore on 10th of the edition.

RCB won the toss and elected to field. KKR ave changed their opening pair and Kallis was on the ground with Gambhir. Kolkata got one of th best start of the tournament while Gambhir and Kallis had played superb innings. At the end of 6 overs KKR were 60 wihout a loss, when second wicket fell in 14th over the score was 125 on board and everyone was expecting first 200 cross of the season.

Unfortunately, KKR batsmen faild to perform and only managed to score 165 at the loss of 8 wickets.

RCB needed good start and the Gayle was back. Everyone expecting the banglore will perform well and even can chase the score. But some superb bowling by L.Balaji restrict Banglore to 42 run short of the target.

Good win by KKR.


Who will win Banglore Vs Kolkata? - 10 April

  • Royal Challenger Banglore (43% Votes)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (57% Votes)

Match 7: Royals v KKR, 8 April


Result: Rajasthan Won

Favourite Team: Kolkata with 65p

PunterPolls: Kolkata won the toss and elected to field. Because of KKR strong batting line up everyone was expecting that this could be easy run for KKR. Rajasthna team also didn't get nice start and lost coupld of wickets too early. By first strategic time-put they have lost their 3 wickets with mere 60 odds runs on the board.

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Match 6: Deccan v Chennai, 7 April


Favourite Team: Chennai 64p

Result: Chennai Won


PunterPolls: One sided game, DC won the toss elected to field. Chennai lost their first wicket earlier but strong batting performances help CSK to put 193 on board. Special thanks to Bravo for the powerful hitting at the end.

Who will win Deccan Vs Chennai?: 7 April

  • Chennai Super Kings (52% Votes)
  • Deccan Chargers (48% Votes)

Match 5: Bangalore v Delhi, 7 April


Result: Banglore Won

Favourite Team: Banglore with 85p

PunterPolls: Perfect IPL match, by end of the half inning the match was 50-50. RCB were fav. with 85p just like the start of the match. So what had happened exactly.

Delhi won the toss and elected to field first, their bowler done a decent job till 16th over but last 4 overs cost them a lot. AB Deviliers delivers and Banglore posted decent 157 on board.

Flinch hitted first 3 balls to the boundry and it was looking that Delhi Daredevils in the mood to finish the match asap. But 5th delivery of the same over Sehwag depart in his old fashion to hit the ball over the covers.

After that, Delhi Daredevils played like minows. They won't be able to played Murali's spin and given the match At the end easy run for RCB.

Who will win? - Bangalore v Delhi: 7 April

  • Delhi Daredevils (44% Votes)
  • Royal Challenger Banglore (56% Votes)