IPL 2014: 41st match – Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils, May 15, 2014

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With 12 points from 10 games and a comfortable lead over the three teams vying for the fourth spot, Rajasthan Royals have a fair cushion. But they are still not through to the playoffs and a win against Daredevils could certainly ease their way, given that their next two matches are against Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab.

For a team that earned a reputation for slightly left-field tactics over the last couple of seasons, Royals have mostly stuck to the same combination this season. They experimented heavily against Chennai Super Kings and while their batting changes didn't click, their slower bowlers did run Super Kings close. To gain a lead over others, they may perhaps opt for a steadier order against Daredevils.

Daredevils, meanwhile, have a license to experiment and may just benefit from doing so, particularly with their batting order. A loss to Royals would bring an end to their chances, however technical, of making it to the last four and push them towards a second successive season at the bottom of the table.

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PunterPolls Prediction

Its really bad days going on, we all been witnessed how RCB lost their game against the Royals in the last 4 Overs of the game and yesterday we have seen kind of repeat telecast of what we called IPL Cricket. Mumbai had scored 25 runs in the last 4 overs when Pollard and Sharma on the pitch. Each and everyone watching the match knew that it was not cricket. We are very upset about that, not only our prediction went wrong but also for punters who were following us.

Anyhow, let get back to today'a game. I don't remember when Delhi had played a Cricket which we can watch. They have played like gully cricket though the season so far. They have big players but they are not performing. Their bowlers are not even performing average. This team deserve to be out and they are out now.

Rajasthan, our second best favourite team after CSK is doing great. But they too have played very ordinary at couple of occasions and the kind of cricket we are seeing on the ground we will not be shocked if they will loose. Only thing that create doubt in everyone's mind is, Delhi has nothing to loose now and if they play like some sensible cricket they can win today.

Daredevils have lost couple of close games, they started well in the last match against the Banglore while chasing but then lost too many wickets. Problem with the team is, when they bat first - they won't be able to put enough runs and when they chase - they don't have wickets in hand.

Their is no point predicting the game before the match. So we have decided post in between the game when we feel more confident. 

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41st match - Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils, May 15, 2014

  • Delhi Daredevils (34% Votes)
  • Rajasthan Royals (66% Votes)

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