Delhi Daredevils

Betfair ODDs as on date To reach final: 2.78   Winner: 6.40 The sudden exodus of players like Gautam Gambhir, Tillakaratne Dilshan and AB de Villiers seemed to have taken the daredevilry out of the Delhi side last season. The GMR-owned Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise sunk to a new low in 2011, finishing dead lastRead More Delhi Daredevils


Deccan Chargers

Betfair ODDs as on date To reach final: 7   Winner: 23  Continuity , thy name is not Deccan Chargers. In a bid to regain lost glory , the team management has gone in for some drastic changes but at the end of the exercise, one gets the feeling that more damage has been doneRead More Deccan Chargers


Chennai Super Kings

  Betfair ODDs as on date To reach final: 2.42   Winner: 5.10 Chennai Super Kings have become pretty much the irrepressible force of the Indian Premier League. The defending champions of the last two years have worked out a home formula and every single team has struggled to get a measure of them in their backyardRead More Chennai Super Kings

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