IPL2014: 26th match – Delhi Daredevils v Chennai Super Kings, 5 May, 2014

Match Preview

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni won the toss and chose to field on what he termed a "slightly sticky" pitch at the Feroz Shah Kotla. Dhoni said there was some moisture under the surface, and thought it might become better to bat on as the match progressed.

Kevin Pietersen, the Delhi Daredevils captain, said he also wanted to field, contending it was "quite hard to defend here".

Daredevils made one change to their side, bringing in the seam-bowling allrounder Laxmi Shukla for the legspinner Rahul Sharma. Super Kings, meanwhile, were unchanged, which means they have stuck with the same eleven for six straight matches.

What our expert think about the game? Read on...

PunterPolls Prediction

We are sorry about posting the prediction bit late but as their is saying that better late then never we are going to post our views about the game. As of now Delhi 42/2 in 5.3 overs after been asked to bat as Dhoni won the toss.

One can say that predicting this game on the basis of team performances is a cake walk but our experts believe that in T20 a team only needs one good performance from an individual. Though Delhi hasn't got a very good start in the power play so far and lost 2 crucial wickets of DeCock and Peterson, look at the runs on board.

So, our experts have decided post their prediction at half time. We would like to request our members to please follow our comments during the game on the patch page itself.

26th match - Delhi Daredevils v Chennai Super Kings, 5 May, 2014

  • Chennai Super Kings (66% Votes)
  • Delhi Daredevils (34% Votes)

15 thoughts on “IPL2014: 26th match – Delhi Daredevils v Chennai Super Kings, 5 May, 2014”

  1. Delhi 60/2 After 9 overs. Match ODDs 1.53 CSK. Our experts going to predict the match winner at half time. As of now, they are positive that Delhi should come favourite at least with 1.85. So this is right time to Lay CSK as match ODDs are low.

  2. Daredevils got the momentum now. CSK bowlers are not looking very impressive. 75/2 after 10 Overs. Match ODDs 1.65 CSK. As predicted, ODDs are going up LAY CSK now. Expected score 160+

  3. Kartik just gone as Delhi came favorite with 1.95. Delhi now, 108/3 after 13 overs. Match ODDs 1.79 CSK. Bad timings to get out but score should be 160+ and Delhi should come favorite.

  4. Kedar Yadav burden on Delhi’s team. Last 2 overs, Dumniy played 5 balls and score 20 whereas he just score 6 runs. Anyhow 19 Overs gone, Delhi 160/5. Match ODDs 1.75 CSK

  5. Kedar Yadav done quite descent finish at last three balls. :). Delhi scored 178. Match ODDs are 1.88 CSK. Pitch is good for batting but scoring 179 is not going to be that easy. Stay tune to us and will guide you through.

  6. Update. Our experts are still not sure about the game. But they are expecting few quick wickets in the beginning and if it happens, please cover your loss and wait. Stay tune.

  7. After 6 Overs CSk 49/0. Match ODDs 1.55 CSK. Our experts havn’t picked up their team but they are expecting ODDs will go up. So right time again to Lay CSK. Caution: Only if you have booked your profit. 🙂

  8. 78/0 After 11 overs. Delhi came favorite with 1.90. Should cover your loss. CSK batsmen are in under pressure and one wicket from here means Delhi will favourite under 1.70.
    In between wicket gone. 82/1 after 11.2 overs, Match ODDs 1.85 Delhi. Happy guys 🙂

  9. Our mistake earlier when rain started, we came to know that at that time Daredevils were in the stage to win but now they are playing while rain is on. Does this mean, they want CSK to win?.

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