VPL 2020 Match 22: LS Hikers v FC Strikers, 29 May

Welcome to VPL T10 2020 League. Match 22 between LS Hikers v FC Strikers will start from 6pm IST.

VPL Live Streaming link: https://fancode.com/match/23115 you can also download FanCode app.

Betting ODDs as of now:
LS Hikers: 1.45 (Favorite)
FC Strikers: 2.62

If you want to know which team most of the punters are supporting in this match, Poll and see.

Punter’s Poll

VPL 2020 Match 22: LS Hikers v FC Strikers, 29 May

  • FC Strikers (33% Votes)
  • LS Hikers (67% Votes)

PunterPolls Today’s Match Prediction Match LS Hikers v FC Strikers

As of now Our experts will post their predictions, in the running game for this match. So stay tuned.

LS Hikers has already qualified for the semi finals with 12 points. For them win in this game will give them chance to be at the top, provided SP Breakers lost their game.

FS Strikers won their first match of the tournament when they beaten DV Explorers yesterday. Strikers are right at the bottom of the table with 2 points.

Strikers chances to win this is very minimal but not impossible. Hikers may want to experiment with their team. So our experts have decided to post the game predictions once the game will start.

Stay tuned..


FS Strikers have won the toss and elected to bat first. As of now Strikers are 20/2 after 2.4 Overs.

Our experts have decided to go with LS Hikers in this game.

Do your polling and see which team most punters are supporting today.

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