IPL 2023 – Betting Tips


Hello and welcome to my first blog on IPL 2023. And, this is going to be an interesting one as in this blog I am not going to post my predictions about Who will win the IPL 2023? Final Four Teams? Best Bowler, Batter etc.

In this blog, I am going to reveal my betting strategy which I am following from last 4 seasons for each major tournaments including last month WPL 2023.

Why I had mentioned the WPL 2023, because that was the first edition of Women IPL, and I wanted to test if my strategy will work in a tournament where we don’t have in-depth knowledge about the players.

Today is 31 March 2023, In the evening we have opening game for 2023 season with the match between defending champions Gujrat Titans and all time favorite CSK. Will post the prediction about the game in sometime and will post the link for the same.

No more time wasting! Lets jump onto my betting strategies for the IPL 2023.


IPL 2023 Best Betting TIPS

Before we jump onto the IPL Betting Tips, I would like to mention that their are couple of rules which you have to follow in order to implement the strategies or these betting tips. P.S. You may use these strategies for any sport.

Rule 1: Decide your ‘Budget’

First thumb rule is to decide your ‘Budget’ for the tournament (in this case IPL). Budget means, the maximum loss that you can bear in the tournament.

For example: Lets you have budget of 1,00,000 for IPL 2023. In this addition, 74 matches going to play which means you have 1350 per match to lose.

Rule 2: Consistency

Form a strategy and follow the same for the whole tournament. Consistency also includes, bet amount and the ODDs.

For example: If you have decided to back the favorite team in each match, at the odds of 1.65 and above with 1000 amount. Follow this strictly in each and every match. If you won’t find right ODDs in any match, do not play.


Betting Strategy 1 – ‘TIE’

Yes you read it right, I called this strategy “TIE”. Lets look at the ODDs we get for TIE at the bigning of every match.

TIE Betting ODDS

  • IPL 2009 – 1 Match went to the super over. That was the eleminator between KKR v RR and the Tie score was 150.
  • IPL 2010 – 1 Match between CSK Vs Kings XI, again eliminator. Score 136
  • IPL 2013 – 2 Matches, SRH Vs RCB and RCB Vs DD. Scores were 130 and 152 respectively.
  • IPL 2014 – 1 Match, KKR Vs RR. Score 152
  • IPL 2015 – 1 Match, RR Vs KXI Punjab. Score 191
  • IPL 2017 – 1 Match, GL v MI. Score 153
  • IPL 2019 – 2 Matches, DC v KKR and MI v SRH. Scores, 185 and 157 respectively.
  • IPL 2020 – 4 Matches, DC v KXIP, RCB v MI, SRH v KKR, MI v KXIP. Scores were, 157,201,163 and 176 respectively.
  • IPL 2021 – 1 Match, SRH v DC and the score were 159.

Total 14 IPL Matches went to the superover till date. Here is IPL Super Over Match Records, in case you want to check.

Now we have ODDs and the data. Lets discuss the strategy.

Lets say we have the Budget of 1,00,000 in total for the tournament. Which means we have 1350 for each match to lose.

In this strategy, you need to bet with amount 350 at the odds of 100 in each match on TIE. Here are all the scenerios:

  1. Worst Case: If not a single match get tied in the whole season, you will lose 25,900/- (350 x 74 matches)
  2. Break Even: If only 1 match get tied, you will win 9,450/- {(350 x 100 odds) – (350 x 73 matches)}
  3. Best Case: – If 2 matches get tied then your profit will be 44,800/- {(2 x 350 x 100 odds) – (350 x 72 matches)}

In short, you need just 1 Tie out of 74 matches. So the propability is 1/74, which means if you roll a dice to get 6 and you have 74 chances. Isn’t that make sense to take chance?

If you think this strategy won’t work for you. Leave it, but I would advised to invest 30% of your budget to this, since the return is so high.

Betting Strategy 2 – ‘Lay the Big Dogs’

In this strategy, we need to lay a favorite team “Big Dogs” at certain ODDs. My recommendation is to lay 1.20 or under.

Like before we have the budget of 1350/- per match. Our of that, 350 we are investing TIE, rest you can invest in this. So, if you lay 5k @ 1.20, your loss would be 1,000 for the match.

Here are the scenerios:

  1. Worst Case: Not a single match won by Non-Favorite team. If this will happen you will lose 74k, but this scenrios is highly impossible.
  2. Break Even: You need just 12 Matches to be break even.
  3. Best Case: If 20% matches been won by Non-Fav team your net winning would be close to 22k.

My personal research whcih I had done on 300+ matches. Percentage of Non-Fav team is around 18-20%.

Betting Strategy 3 – Back the Bookie

This is the safest stragey out of 3 we have discussed so far. In this strategy, you need to back the team which is favorite untill the 1st ball of the match been bowled.

Again, my personal analytical skills show 78-82% favorite team wins. Thats why I call the “Bookie Team” and this strategy is called Back the Bookie.

In this strategy, you have to fix the odds on which you are going to back the team. My recommendation anything above 1.70 is good odds to back the bookie team.

But in some matches, you may find the ODDs are 1.45 or 1.50. In that case, my re-commendation is to wait for the right odds. If not, do not place bet.

Here are the scenrios that I have figured out.

  1. Worst Case: All matches won by Non-Fav team which is highly impossible. In this case, you will loose 74k
  2. 50-50 Ratio: In case you will win 50% of the matches, and have your bets @ 1.70 your loss would be around 11k.
  3. Ideal Case: In case, 60 out of 74 matches been in your favour then your profit would be some around 28k

Basics of Online Cricket or Sports Betting

I am very sure that most of the Punters now a days are using Online Betting accouts instead of the Offline Betting.

Gone are the days when Punter need to make a call to the Bookie and place its bets. With Online Betting accounts you can bet on an event any time on the go.

This article is for beginners, those who don’t know the terms been in use sports betting (with ref. to Cricket Betting).

If you are seasonal Punter, I am sure you are very much aware of all these betting jargons. But have you read our article about –  Learn How to win in Cricket Betting?

But still, I would recommend you to kindly go through this article as it won’t take much time.


Sports Betting Terms / Jargons

Match ODDs: Chances of winning a team. Lessar ODDs means Team (that particular outcome) has better chances to win the game.

Back: Backing a Team or Outcome, which you think could win the game.

Lay: Going against a Team or Outcome, which you think could not win the game.

Favorite Team: Team has better chances to win the game is called Favorite Team. It can be one of the possible outcome of the game. Such as, If the conditions are overcast for a Test Match or the Pitch is dead rubber then Draw will be the favourite.

Bookemaker Sites: Will only provide Back ODDs for every possible outcome of the game.

Exchange Sites: Will provide you Back as well as Lay ODDs for all possible outcomes of the game.

Non-Favourite or Landgi Team: “Langdi” is a Hindi word means – Weaker Team or Non-Favoruite team. This terms mostly used in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan where Hindi language is been used.

Punter: A player who place bets.

Bookie / Site Agent: A person who accepts the bets on behalf of a site or keep the bet to himselves.

Booking Profit or Loss: As the name suggest, this is to book your Profit or Loss.

Session: Placing a bet on short outcome in a particular match. For example, How many runs will be scored in 1st 6 over of an innings?

Lambi: This is one of a kind session, but this term is been used for, How many runs will be scored by Team batting first?

Their are hundreds of events whom you can place your bets. Will write a detail article on those and provide the link here.

Since now you are aware of basics, lets understand what Exchange Betting sites and Bookmaker Sites offers to the punters.

Betting Exchange & Bookmaker sites

There are two kind of sports betting sites. Exhange Sites such as BetFair, IndiBet, SkyExchange.

And Bookmaker sites such as HappiStar, ClubRiches, Lottoland, LeonBet, BetWay, Bet365

Without going into technical details behind how these sites work, I will explain what matters to you (a Punter) most.

Exchange site charge some comission on your winnings whereas Bookmaker won’t charge any comission. In fact, on some sites you will get cash back on loosing.

Exchange site gives you option to Lay all possible outcomes of the game, whereas Bookmaker sites only gives you option to back a particular outcome of an event.

Lets deep-dive into both kind of sites with examples.


Exchange Betting Sites Vs Bookmaker sites

Do remember, Back means placing a bet in favour of a team. Lay means placing a bet against a team.

Exchange Betting Sites

BetFair, IndiBet, SkyExchange

Exchange sites are like punters place bets against each other. And, these sites charge 2-5% comission from the winning punters.

Exchange sites, offers Back and Lay options for both the teams (in case of Test Cricket Matches, Football, Hockey you will have option of Draw as well).

Since Exchange sites we have both the options for all the possible outcomes, you can either Back or Lay a team or outcome. Let me explain this with couple of examples (related to cricket).

Example A: Pakistan Vs West Indies – ODI Match

For this particular match, you will get Back and Lay ODDs for both the teams.

If you have decided to go with Pakistan, you can Back Pakistan at 1.35 or Lay West Indies at 3.85.

In case you decide to Back Pakistan with 10k amount, your winnings would be 13,500 (3500 profit) and risk exposer of 10K on West Indies.

But, if you decide to lay West Indies with 10K at 3.85 your winnings on Paksitan would be 10K but your risk exposer will be 38,500 on West Indies. So, this would not be a nice move. Rather you could place bet of 30k @ 1.35 on Pakistan.

And if you have decided to go with West Indies, you can Lay Pakistan at 1.36 of 10K amount. Here your risk on Pakistan would be 3600 but your winning on West Indies will be 10k.

I know this is bit confusing as I have mentioned that it all depends upon the ODDs, but don’t worry by end of this article, all your doubts will be cleared.

P.S. Team ODDs less than 2 is called a Favorite Team to win the game.

Example B: Englan Vs New Zealand – Test Match

For Test matches you will get ODDs for all three possible outcomes. England, New Zealand or Draw on an exchange site.

If you belive, match is NOT GOING TO BE Draw, you can Lay Draw. Which means, you will win if either of England or NZ wins. In this case, laying Draw at 4.2 with 10k means, you will win 10k on NZ and Enagland wins. Whereas, your risk exposer will be 42,000 if match gets Draw.

Similarly, If you believe that New Zealand CANNOT WIN THID GAME, then you can Lay NZ at 2.52. In case NZ wins, your risk exposure will be 2.52X (25,200 if you go for 10K bet amount).

But, if you Back England or NZ or Draw, you are winning on only that outcome and are loosing on other two.

Bookmaker Betting Sites

On Bookmaker sites, Punter place bets against the Bookie / site. Hence, no comission is charge on winnings. In fact, some Bookmakers sites offers Bonuses, Promotions or Cash back if you loose certain amount.

Downside, Bookmaker sites only offer Back option for all possible outcome of the games. Also, ODDs are little more in favour of site. But sometime, you gets better ODDs which helps punters like me to win consistely in cricket betting.

Bookmaker sites only offer Back option for all possible outcomes. With related to Cricket, In T20 and ODIs you will get to options of Team A winning or Team B winnings.

Example A: Pakistan Vs West Indies – ODI Match

As mentioned above for T20 and ODIs you will get ODDs to Back the teams. In this particular case, you will get ODDs for Pakistan wins, as well as West Indies Wins

So, if you decide to Back Pakista with 10K at 1.35, your winning on Pakistan will be 13,500 (3,500 Profit) with the risk exposer of 10K on West Indies

Example B: England Vs New Zealand – Test Match

On a Bookmaker site, For Test matches you will get Back ODDs for three possible outcomes. England, New Zealand or Draw.

Unlike Exchange Betting Sites, you won’t get Lay option on Bookmaker sites. So, if you decide to go with England at 2.55 your winnings on 10K bet would be 25,500 (profit of 15,500) and will loss on Draw and New Zealand is 10k.


  1. In this article, you have learnt about sports betting basic terms/ jargon been in use. So, next time when your friends discussing about sports betting you would understand them better.
  2. You also learnt about what are Exchange betting sites and Bookemaker Betting Sites.
  3. You learnt about what is Favourite Team, Match ODDs and Back and Lay.


Learn how to win in Cricket Betting?

Hello Punters! How are you doing?

Today, I am going to disclose my Betting Technique which is helping me to win consistently in Online Cricket Betting. With this technique I am winning 4-5% of the bet amount in almost 90% of the matches.

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Now lets get back to the topic for what you are here…

Learn how to win in Cricket Betting?

If you are here, means you already knows the basics of Online Sports or Cricket Betting. If not, I would highly re-commend you to kindly read my article Basics of Online Cricket or Sports Betting.

In order to win consitently, you need Two Online Betting accounts:

  1. Online Betting account on an Exchange Site such as BetFair, IndiBet, SkyExchange.
  2. Another Online Betting account on Bookmaker site such as HappiStar, ClubRiches, Lottoland, LeonBet, BetWay, Bet365

If you do not have any of those or you do not of either, please us an email

Lets start winning by placing Cricket Bets online

In order to use this technique you need two Online Betting Accounts. One on Bookmaker site and Other one on Exchange site.

You need to understand that Bookmaker site provide their own match odds, thats why on each Bookmaker site you will find different match odds. But only option to Back your team.

Whereas, Exchange sites provides you Lay option along with Back option and ODDs on all Exchange sites are identical.

So, if you have multiple Bookmaker site accounts, you can easily figure out which site is giving you best odds and go with that. But you atleast need one exchange account to cover the loss.

Base of this technquie is we need to back favourite Team on Bookmaker site, and Lay the same team in lessar ODDs on Exchange site.

Now you would say, this can be done on single site, then why to place bets on two different sites?

Answer is, you can do but then you have to wait for sometime for lessar odds, and in Cricket, one ball can change the ODDs dramatically.

Tip: You should place your bets in between the over break, or inning break or when a player gets out.  

Key point is you have to regular monitor ODDs on both Exchange and Bookmaker sites and as soon as you will find Higher ODDs on Bookmaker site: Back your team on Bookmaker site and Lay the same team on Exchange site.

This process is called heddging.

Lets understand this with an example: Pakistan vs WI – ODI Match.

Pakistan is favorite team in this match,  ODDs for Pakistan on Bookmaker site (BetWay) is 1.53, ODDs on Exchange site (skyexchange) for Pakistan is Back: 1.43, Lay: 1.47.

This is the perfect time to execute the technique. Now, if you place 10K bet on Pakistan at Betway at 1.53 (means your winning is 5300) and Lay Pakistan on Exchange site at 1.47 (4700 loss with 10k bet), your accumulated account is 600 win on Pakistan, and no loss on West Indies.

Only thing you have to take care off is, the ODDs on Exchange site must be lessar then the ODDs you have back your team on a Bookmaker site.

Sometime, ODDs get change and you may not get the right odds to Lay. I treat this as my business, and in business sometime you need to settle with losses or no-profit. So Bet for even if required and wait for next chance.

Keep monitoring the ODDs and repeat the same process for all your bets.

Believe me, I am winning on an average of 4-5% of the bet amount in each match.



  • Following this approach you will start winning small but in consistent manner.
  • You can in-corporate Booking profit along with this once you will be more comfortable with this approach. So, chances of lossing will minimize further.
  • You need two online betting accounts one on Exchange Site and other one on Bookmaker site.
  • Bottom line is, Back a team with higher odds on Bookmaker site and Lay the same team on lower odds on exchange site.
  • Keep in mind that Bookmaker sites don’t offer Lay option.
  • Follow learn more about basics of online betting or want to learn more about Exchange and Bookmaker sites.