Rajasthan v Mumbai, IPL 2011 – 29th April


Rajasthan was the team supported by 62.5% punters in the morning of the match day itself. But as soon as the game started, 54.55% punters were supporting the Mumbai Indians. What a turn around!

And we have seen the turn-around in the match itself, MI was loosing wickets and percentage of punters supporting MI were increasing. Despite the low scoring match, 66.67% punters with MI by the half time. It could be the Mallinga factor, but at the end it didn't work.

RR had a slow start and after couple-of hick-ups got the target quite easily.

RR had done the same what they got it from KKR by wrapping Kochi and Mumbai Indians at low scores.

Delhi v Kolkata, IPL 2011 – 28th April


Status: Closed 

Result: Kolkata Win

PunterPolls: 62.07% Punters at punterpolls has supported Delhi but this time Delhi lost the game. Before the match around 67% punter were supporting Delhi. Some very good bowling performances by Delhi bowlers has restricted Kolkata to 148 and it was looking like Delhi Daredevils would thsi match quite comfortably considering they are playing at their homeground and the ground wasn't that big. So to keep all these things in mind Delhi was among the favorites till half time.

In the second inning, as expected Sehwag once again done quite a nice job. But as soon as Sehwag goes the rest of Delhi's bateman seems to be given up the game and in the span of next 5 overs KKR were on top.  At punterpolls, punters started shifting Kolkata as soon as Sehwag got out. Noticeable thing is 1.38% punters voted for tie as well.

This match got highest polls (147) and once again proven the fact that team supported by most of the punters looses at the end.

Kochi v Deccan, IPL 2011 – 27th April


Status: Closed now 

Result: Deccan Win

PunterPolls: This match Polls shown some amazing results. Before the start of the match 70% punters were supporting Deccan, to be precise 76.67%. But as soon as wicket falls the shift their focus a bit towards Kochi.

At the half time still 66.7% punters were supporting Deccan, though Deccan was defending lowest total of 129 and Ishant sharma from Deccan had made the day for his team. Beautiful spell and Kochi only managed to get 74 in 16.3 overs.

Voila......end result 70.37% punters at PunterPoll had supported Deccan and it won. 🙂

Buck-up guys.....keep polling.

Delhi v Banglore, IPL 2011 – 26th April


Status: Closed now 

Result: Banglore Win

PunterPolls: Before the match more than 70% was supporting Banglore and at the end 54.05% Punters supported Banglore view yourself by clicking in the view result button in the poll itself.

Its seems that it would have been one of the best IPL match of this season 2011.
This would have been a close shave guys.

All punters best of luck.

Keep polling.