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First Tip: Do not bet on every match

Do'es and Don't of Betting in Big Tournaments.

Big tournaments like IPL, T20 World Cup, World Cup, CLT20 etc., where matches are happening every day and tournament runs from 4-8 weeks span; you need to form a Betting Strategy for yourself.

The betting strategy doesn't mean when and how much to bet on which team, it also means what not to do in betting.

These betting tips could be useful for you in any sports betting and any format. All you need to do is to understand and implement those while betting.

PunterPolls - Betting Professionals

Be Professional

Do you know only 1% Punters win betting.

  • Treat Sports Betting as a Business rather than just a Hobby or Gambling. This means you should be ready for loss.
  • In big tournaments like IPL, you have a chance to bet every day. The second most important tip, NOT TO BET ON EVERY MATCH.
  • The third most important betting tip is, Only bet with the money that you can afford to lose.
  • Set stop loss for every game you are planning to bet. Doesn't matter if you are losing 4,5 or 6 matches. You shouldn't extend your stop loss amount.

Consistency is the Key

Form a strategy and follow it strictly.

  • There are two kinds of Punters out there. Lazy Punter and Active Punter.
  • Active Punters take quick decisions, especially while booking a profit or minimizes the loss by placing multiple bets in a game. Lazy Punters are usually placed one bet in the game and stick to it till the end.
  • It doesn't matter what kind of Punter you are. Important is you should stick to your betting strategy.
  • Later on this page, we have listed down 3 betting strategies for you. You must read on and pick one of those. It is highly recommended.
PunterPolls - Plan and Bet to win
PunterPolls - Bet on IPL Matches

Bet on IPL Matches

Betting on IPL matches is different from betting on international T20 matches, series or tournaments.

  • International Cricket players, Under-19 Cricket players as well as domestic Indian players play in a team. Maybe you don't know a lot about those who participate in this mega cricket event.
  • Our tip is to shortlist 3-4 teams after studying their performances and Bet only on those matches.
  • By doing so you will be able to filter out the matches you shouldn't bet on as those have high risk involve. Secondly, you will get the rest of about 1/3rd of matches to start to focus on the playing matches only.
  • Set the shortlisted team order of preference as well. For example, let's you have shortlisted MI, CSK, DC & KKR and you have set the preference MI as 1, CSK as 2 and so on. So when MI and CSK will face each other, you know which team you are going to bet on. In this case, MI is having 1st preference.
  • Never ever play short bets like Sessions, Toss win, Method of dismissal etc. These events are pure gambling. Treat Betting as a business just like a share market, before doing any investment study the market/ team and their players, ground conditions, weather report and then take a decision.

IPL Betting - DO's

T20 is a fast paced game. Match changes in a single over and this time IPL is happening in UAE. Be mentally strong in a tournament as big as IPL.

Do go along with following pattern when you're betting on IPL matches.

  • Primarily, you should have an online betting account. With an online betting account, you can bet anywhere at any time without missing a chance.
  • Study teams, player performances, pitch reports, weather reports and so on. Bet only on games when you are sure of the strength and weaknesses of teams.
  • Be an Active Punter and always bet on IPL matches when you watch them live or watch them closely. T20 is a Cricket Quick Format, and games change in an over.
  • Trust Trading- if match is not going as you would’ve expected, make a habit of booking profit and reduce losses. Remember that small profit is better than a big loss.
  • Set profit for a match as much as loss. Whenever you have the opportunity to book profit / cash out the planned amount-take the opportunity to enjoy the match.

IPL Betting - Dont's

Betting Tips for IPL Matches - When you should not to place a bet in an IPL Match

Don’t follow ensuing pattern when you're betting on IPL matches.

  • Don't place a bet on a match that you may not be able to follow.
  • Don't place a bet believing in a sure-shot match report. No one can see the future. Those, who say they have match reports, are frauds.
  • Don't bet with the money you can't afford to lose. You may have a rough day or two or sometimes more.
  • Don't bet in a game if you don't know about the teams, their strengths and their weaknesses. Cricket is a sport, not a card game.
  • Don't bet if you're off your mood or if you're feeling low. Under those circumstances, it's a human tendency to ignore the chance and tilt to the luck factor.
  • Don't bet when you are celebrating in a bar or pub with your friends. Chances are you might miss a chance and end up losing your money.
  • And last but not least, don't bet on every match. Yes , yes! You've heard it right. Punter on a losing streak tends to play each and every game and may end up losing more.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites for IPL

Our experts reviewed and listed down 7 Best Betting Sites for IPL for Indian Punters

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IPL Betting Strategies

Different Punters are following different betting strategies. Choose the one that 's right for you.

IPL - Win Big! Loose All!

Win Big Loose All approach works well for Punters with a big pocket because the risk level is quite high.

Punters who do adopt this betting style should bet consistently while placing bets. Tournament like IPL where matches are going to be played on daily basis, Punters usually changes the strategy after loosing few matches in a row.

Those who follow Win Big – Loose All, generally place a single bet in a match. Our experts’ betting tip for these Punters is to bet consistently while following the same pattern in each game.

For example: if you prefer to place a bet on your favourite team or team against odds, always follow the same pattern in every match, even if you lose a few matches in a row.

IPL Bet Trading

Bet Trading is what our cricket betting experts suggest to their followers.

It’s like a share market, you study the game before the game starts and leave the game with a certain profit or stop loss.

For example- in the CSK v MI Match, if you place your first bet on CSK at 2.30 and as the game progresses, CSK becomes your favourite bet at 1.30.

Book your profit or opt out for Cash Out (Online Betting Sites such as BetWay).

By doing so, you’re going to get a small amount of money regardless of matching results.

This approach is highly recommended. The risk level in this approach is quite low.

IPL - Cover Your Loss

Punters who follow this approach has favourite team to win the game. At the same time, they look for an opportunity to minimise loss on the other team.

For example: KKR vs RCB. Suppose RCB is Punter’s favourite team and he placed 5000 as his first bet on it at 1.90. Book says, RCB: +9500 and KKR: -5000.

Things have gone as expected, now betting ODDs are 3.00 for KKR. At this point Punters places 1700 on KKR. Updated book is like, RCB: +7800 & KKR: +100.

Although Punter has opportunity to book profit on both sides by betting more on KKR. But he preferred to just cover the loss on his non-favourite team.

Level of risk: Low, but chances of winning is also low in case non-favourite team wins.

IPL Betting Tips - FAQ

Here is the list of commonly asked questions. This’s must-read to start winning steadily.