PunterPolls Online Cricket Betting guide

Welcome to PunterPolls Online Cricket Betting Guide.  It is a betting system or set of rules which helps you to win consistently profit booking, sharing profit, loss management & lot more.

If you are looking for predictions for the game, kindly visit our Match Predictions section. And if you are looking for Betting Tips for today's match, do visit our Cricket Betting Tips section.

What is PunterPolls Online Cricket Betting Guide?

PunterPolls is a betting system design by PunterPolls experts. They have written some rules following which you can do betting more confidently.

This Betting Guide is not about How to Bet Online? or Cricket Match Betting Tips, but this will teach you How & When you should bet in a match for better returns.

How Can I Download the Betting Guide?

As of now, PunterPolls Cricket Betting Guide - Basic version is available for Download. Subscribe now and get your copy now.

T20 Cricket Betting Guide, ODI Cricket Betting Guide & Test Match Cricket Betting Guides are in the process and will be available soon. Subscribe yourself & will send you the copy of those guide as soon as gets ready to publish.

What is PunterPolls Cricket Betting Guide - Basic version?

PunterPolls Guide Basic Version includes some basic general Doe's & Don'ts those are applicable to all forms of cricket.

How About T20 Cricket Betting Guide?

T20 is the fastest version of the game where betting ODDs changes quite frequently as compare to other formats. In T20 Betting Guide, Our experts have mentioned the techniques focused on T20 format.

In T20, reaction time is so less that most of the time you would have to prepare your strategy in well advance about the game.

What is ODI Cricket Betting Guide?

ODI Cricket is a most popular and relatively slower version of the game. The punter would get much more time to consider the situation before placing the bet.

With the introduction of  T20 format & new batsmen friendly rules ODI Cricket has evolved a lot. So does our betting system need an upgrade? Subscribe now get your copy at your inbox.

PunterPolls Test Match Cricket Betting Guide

Test match cricket is our expert's favourite form of cricket in terms Cricket Betting is a concern. You will get ample amount of time to plan, execute, replan and execute your strategies.

In this format, you do have Three possible match results. Backing up one means you are loosing on the other two outcomes. And Laying a result/team means you would win on other two possible outcomes.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites

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How to Bet Online?

In order to place a bet on an event such as Cricket Match, you need to open an Online Betting account. We have listed down the best bettign site where you can open an account.

How can I open an Online Account?

More or less, all betting sites have a similar process to open an account. Once you pick a site (after clicking on the banner images), follow the steps to open an account.

How to use Bonus/ Coupon Code?

Sites do offer welcome bonuses, so if you click on the banner / linked listed on our website. You can see the offer and use the bonus code to redeem.

How to deposit/ withdraw funds in Online Betting Account?

Each sites having different modes of payments. You can process your payments/withdrawal via Online Banking, Wire Transfer, Through Debit/Credit payment or eWallets.

Payment processed immediately whereas withdrawal may take extra time depending upon the site and mode of payment rules.

Is Indian Banks Debit/Credit accepted?

Yes, most of the site listed here are accepting money though Indian Banks Debit/Credit. Alternatively, you can Online Wire Transfer, or by opening e-wallets such as Neteller.

Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

As Betting Legality in India is concerned, laws don't explicitly state that cricket betting is illegal and this varies by region. As of our knowledge, as long as sites hosted outside India you can bet with Indian currency.

But again, all the legality & terms and conditions mentioned on the site itself.