PunterPolls Pick: KKR v Mumbai, 12 May

PunterPolls today pick is….


Kolkata Knight Riders


Kolkata Knight Riders on their dream run of this IPL season and currently stands at no. 2 in the point table with 17 points. Mumbai Indians at no. 4 with 14 points. So even though KKR will lose this match they will still remain at no. 2 only.

But if MI will lose this match and in today’s second encounter if Chennai would win then MI will exchange their place with them. So the interesting fact is KKR and Delhi will remain the top even though they both will lose their game.

As far as team strengths are concern, both teams are quite neck to neck in each and every department. Kolkata would have home ground advantage and Mumbai have played many close games and won them actually. For me MI is a strong team between two, but I Gautam as a captain and player is far more impressive than Harbhajan. All Kolkata needs is decent contribution by the batsmen as Gautam alone is majorly scoring runs.

Mumbai Indians as I have already mentioned ‘N’ number of times, this team is winning close games but more or less they themselves are very much responsible for this. They used to play under pressure especially when chasing and at the end they turn an easy match to close one.

My pick of the day is KKR.

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