PunterPolls Prediction – Match 52: Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils at Jaipur, 7 May

Second straight slippery skin for Royals | PunterPolls Prediction

For the second game in a row, Rajasthan Royals run into a kamikaze side. Like Pune Warriors, Delhi Daredevils are going down too, but hold potential notoriety to take a team or two down with them. Given the nature of the format, it doesn't take much to cause an upset: all it needs is for one of Daredevils' big payers - now without the pressure of much to lose - to have a big day, and it could cost Royals a chance to progress further.

Even against Warriors, a side that has been struggling through the tournament, Royals - now tied on second spot with three other teams with five matches to go - took some time to recover from the Warriors onslaught that came from the freedom that comes with the knowledge you have nothing left to lose. If anything, Daredevils hold a bigger threat. To make the pressure worse for Royals, Daredevils have almost been free points for most of their rivals in the top half of the table.

With just six points from 11 games, Daredevils might not have been knocked out yet, but they are down for the count, and will do well to play assuming they are out. That freedom, along with quality, has been missing in their play this year.

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PunterPolls Prediction

Yesterday we have seen a match of the tournament. David Miller crashed the RCB single handily and we all should thanks to Kohli for dropping a sitter which cause them the game. Still punters have had done a great job. RCB was on the door to win that match but as everyone says "Cricket is the game of uncertainties and even God get confuse sometimes".

Lets comeback to Royals game against the Daredevils. Daredevils have nothing to loose and Rajasthan would like to win to keep up their chances of play-offs as top teams will have two chances to qualify for the finals.

Daredevils already lost his first game against Royals at home ground and to win this contest they need to work harder. Royals are in splendid form and looks like they can chase anything. Both teams are struggling in their bowling department and if pitch will play same as last game, 180+ is also chase able.

We have decided to go with the chasing team again. Let see what will happen today.

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Match 52: Royals v Daredevils, 7 May

  • Delhi Daredevils (32% Votes)
  • Rajasthan Royals (68% Votes)

34 thoughts on “PunterPolls Prediction – Match 52: Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils at Jaipur, 7 May”

    • Well, Its been hard to elaborate things after seeing matches since Sunday. CSK crashes in front of modest total. Royals registered a thumping win with their brilliant batting and now Miller who have won the game of Kings XI single handily.

      As you have seen what are experts had predicted, if this is going to be same pitch where Royals have played against the Pune warriors you know how easy wicket to bat on. Moreover, both teams lacking in bowling department. And these are the enough reason to support chasing team.,

      So, we need to keep an eye on the pitch for first 10 overs. If pitch turned out to be a different one we should start analyzing the bowling of both the teams. And I don’t trust Delhi bowlers at all.

  1. Daredevils done it again. I won’t understand, their strength is batting. They have already seen how good is this pitch for batting. But still they opted to bat first.

    Might be, Jayawardene thought that this pitch would toture in second inning.

    Daredevils 2 down in 3.3 overs. Sehwag depart early.What score you guys thinks will be fight-able for Delhi Bowlers?

    • Score tou accha hai, but kal bahoot jeet liye punter.

      isliye, 20-30p mein khao aur 60-70 mein lagao. Match mein tou Royals hi lag rahi hai.

      Rate bahoot kum rakha hai saalon ne 47p

        • Yaar humne tou trading karna start kar diya hai. Punter bhai ne bhi FB par bahoot baar likha hai aur abhi tak IPL bahoot badiya jaa raha hai jab se Punter bhai ki baat maani hain.

          Jo team pasand hoti hai uss hisab se chalta hun aur profit ya loss book karke beth jaata hoon.

          Iss match mein bhi 30p par Rajasthan khayi hui hai. Agar 60p aaya tou laga denge nahin tou 15p mein loss book kar lenege.

          Aur match mein pasand tou Royals hi hain, but mujhe lagta hai Rate 60p aana chahiye.

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