PunterPolls Prediction – Match 62: Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mumbai, 13 May

Sunrisers face Mumbai's daunting Wankhede test | PunterPolls Prediction

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We have arrived at that stage of the tournament where the scramble to make the playoffs is in full swing. While the numerical possibilities say otherwise, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals are in all likelihood through while the bottom four are out. That leaves a middle cluster of three teams vying for the remaining two playoff spots. Both Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad are in this cluster, meaning their encounter on Monday at the Wankhede will be vital.
After 13 games each, Mumbai Indians have 18 points and Sunrisers have 16. Sunrisers face the tougher of the tasks on hand, and not just because they have fewer points; Mumbai have won six out of six games at the Wankhede so far this season. While Sunrisers too have a very good home record - they've scored points in five of six at Uppal - they have won only three away matches, all against teams below them on the points table.

They can draw some confidence, though, from their showing on Saturday in Mohali against Kings XI. There they first recovered from 52 for 5 to 150 with smart batting, before their bowlers once again did the job. Also, as has been their style at Uppal, they had restricted Mumbai Indians to 129 earlier in the tournament, and then chased down the target with ease, courtesy Shikhar Dhawan. They'll need all the confidence they can get when facing Mumbai at home.

PunterPolls Prediction

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Mumbai Indians will take on Sunrisers - the best bowling side of the tournament. Last time when Risers play against the CSK the other good batting side have conceded lots of runs but we are doubtful that the same will repeat again today.

Sunrisers have shown some very good cricket so far and Mumbai Indians are unbeatable at their hometruf. All experts decided post their opinion after the toss. That too as in comments section of the posts.

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Match 62, In play: Mum Indians v Risers, 13 May

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (41% Votes)
  • Mumbai Indians (59% Votes)

39 thoughts on “PunterPolls Prediction – Match 62: Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mumbai, 13 May”

  1. Conditions, when you can support Sunrisers:

    – If Risers will bat first and score 150+
    – If MI bat first and score >150

    Or else Mumbai is better team to go with, I guess

  2. played on rcb nd csk today
    huge loss
    i m in full tensn nw
    i cant decide also nd nt able tu guess whu will win further matches
    plz help me
    whu wil win today
    mi vs srh in mumbai
    plz tel me ur prediction nd ideas

  3. rafeeq guru
    i thinkin tu go with mi today
    if srh wil bat frst den lil bit confusion neither i wil go with mumbai if they batted frst
    let mumbai indians bat frst
    nd ya m 80% THINKIN tu go wid mi today
    big i wil play today
    lets see

  4. I also agree with punter polls.
    But in calculate of recent few
    Games, i am in a little bit SRH
    support b’cause mi beat CSK
    in Mumbai And CSK beat SRH
    in there home ground where
    they were unbeaten before that
    game Now SRH could beat
    mi in there ground where still
    They r unbeaten. So, anything
    Could happen, that’s why it is
    Called unpredictable game. Those
    Who loss, I feel sorry for them.i suggest
    U guys to wait few more games & play
    In semi final & elimination & final.best
    Of luck.

  5. Guys don’t be so exited about today game. Their are big games waiting for you.

    Those who do betting, Play safe….as this game is very much in favour of MI and chances of Hydrabad win is not that bright.

    Best of luck.

  6. 190+ difficult to chase. But pitch is flat hoping MI opener will strike today. MI playing at home ground so their should be twist n turns in dis match

  7. MI record while chasing is not gr8 and SRH has good bowling attack. But the factor to keep in mind is, MI playing at their home ground and in this tournament, home team has done well while chasing.

    So, I am with Mumbai Indians.

  8. wer r u mr rafeeq sds
    i tol u tu play mi na
    i also played a big one on mi
    wat a magical win by mi
    tmrw rcb sure second match i wil tel u aftr toss
    might be csk bt aftr toss i wil tel u cnfrmly ok
    gud nyt bhaijaan 🙂

  9. whu wil win today ?
    frst match rcb vs kxip in bangluru
    second match csk vs dd in chhenai
    plz tel me ur prediction ideas and comments
    i am waiting
    plz comment 🙁

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